How Get Best Score In PTE Speaking Test

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PTE Speaking Section – Tips and Tricks-

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the speaking part of the PTE exam:-

Read Aloud

  • Rising your tone at the beginning and falling tone at the end of the sentence will make the sentences sound authentic.
  • If you feel that you have made a mistake, keep speaking and do not stop.
  • From 1 day of preparation, practice connecting with different tongue every day till the day of examination.

Repeat Sentence :

  • Listen with closed eyes and memorize the sentence.
  • There is no beep at the end, so start speaking only after the clip ends.
  • If you can’t manage to remember the entire sentence, at least pay attention to the keywords and repeat them.

Describe Image

  • Start with words like illustrate, elucidates, depicts, etc.
  • Notice whether it is bar-chart, Line-graph or pie-chart. The line graph has a ‘timeline’, the pie chart has a comparison of ‘slices’ and a bar chart.
  • Use the following words – to the left, right, up, down / down, up, up, foreground, background, etc.
  • Try finishing in 30-35 seconds and do not leave incompletely recorded sentences.

Retell Lecture:

  • Notice the keywords, they can help you understand the context of the topic. 
  • Instead of complete full names, you can use titles, like – Dr. Says or the professor mentions, etc. 
  • Try to capture the best 3-5 sentences. They should be enough to retell the lecture. 

Answer short question:

  • Add articles (a, an, the) before some words.
  • If you do not know the answer, just repeat the words in the question.

Overall Tips:

  • You will have to Youtube pronunciation videos to achieve desired oral fluency.
  • Try to mimic native English speakers with either British, American or Australian accents.
  • For better pronunciation, google or YouTube IPA and phonemes. You should be aware of the position of the tongue, jaw, and lips when speaking each word.
  • Focus on mimicking intonations as each word has ups and downs for each alphabet.

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