How get Good Score in PTE Listening Test

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General Hearing Tips –

  • Listen actively, which means learn to listen to English songs differently. Pay attention to the songs that need more attention.
  • Watch movies and TV shows first with subtitles and then without subtitles.
  • Listening to new material will increase your vocabulary which will improve your understanding of spoken English while listening.

Summarize spoken text-

  • Limit your answer to 50–70 words.
  • You can start by saying something like “the speaker said”
  • Use the given notepad to write the keyword.
  • Pay attention to the subject and the most repeated words.

Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers –

  • Do not guess blind because this question has negative marking
  • It is recommended that you read the questions before the audio begins.

Fill in the blanks-

  • Use the given notepad to take notes otherwise you will miss the next word.
  • Listen carefully and determine whether the word was singular or plural, accompanied by an article or not.

Highlight the correct summary-

  • Understand the theme and message stated by the speaker.
  • Use the elimination method to narrow the options.

Select the missing word-

  • By the first part of the audio, you will have a good idea about the subject and you can anticipate three-quarters of the way how it will end.

Highlight the wrong words-

  • Review your answers before submitting, if you have missed anything.
  • Double clicking a word will deselect the word. So click only once.
  • This part has negative marking, so be careful.

Write by dictation-

  • It is better that you type your answer directly on the computer instead of taking notes on the notepad as this will save time.
  • Check for spelling, singular and plural forms, punctuation etc.

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