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 The Pearson Test of English General (PTE General) Formerly The London Test of English, these are designed to reward positive achievement in English language learning.  It gives test takers an opportunity to identify the strengths of their language proficiency, and success over time and track improvement .


The Pearson Test of English General (popularly known as PTE General Examination) is an intermediate to advanced level English proficiency test conducted by the Pearson Language Test. The PTE General is intended to address the issues of non-local English speakers who need to show or confirm their English-language capability for advanced education applications and confirmations.


While the benefits of certified English proficiency are obvious in the modern world, the PTE General Examination in particular provides many benefits to examiners. Widely accepted by language schools, universities and even the UK Border Agency, the exam is offered at six different levels designed for the letter.

These six levels allow prospective candidates to choose from English assessment tests that best fit their needs and abilities over time without having to worry about changing the criteria or structure of the exam For example, the A1 (or Foundation) level is for test takers whose English proficiency is sufficient for basic survival skills in everyday situations while the C2 (Or proficient) level is for candidates pursuing English-language higher education programs, using a similar format but more challenging content. A full list of the six options available is below.

 PTE General ExamTargeted Communication LevelCEFR Equivalence
Level A1FoundationA1
Level 1ElementaryA2
Level 2IntermediateB1
Level 3Upper IntermediateB2
Level 4AdvancedC1
Level 5ProficientC2

What exactly is a PTE general test and how can I see it?

Regardless of the level of the exam, all PTE General tests are made up of two parts: a written exam and a speaking (or “spoken”) test. The written paper assesses the listening, reading, understanding and writing abilities of the examinees. Conversely, the speaking test (which measures candidates’ ability to communicate clearly and effectively in English) is evaluated by local examiners and then sent to the UK for standardized moderation.The length of any type of tasks asked by each section varies according to their difficulty level.

 PTE General LevelWriting Test TimeSpeaking Test Time
Level A11 hour, 15 minutes5 minutes
Level 11 hour, 35 minutes5 minutes
Level 21 hour, 35 minutes7 minutes
Level 32 hours7 minutes
Level 42 hours, 30 minutes8 minutes
Level 52 hours, 55 minutes8 minutes

Writing Section :

Although the PTE General is offered at six different levels, the level of difficulty in the course of the exam increases, the general format of the exam is not.
This gives potential candidates the opportunity to self-select their level of mastery over time from a wide range of successive assessment options. This keeps as many factors as possible as consistent as possible throughout the process. Accordingly, all six levels of the exam are made up of the same two parts: a written test (which assesses listening, reading and writing skills) and a speaking test (which assesses speaking skills).. Moreover, all six levels of the written exam, though unified by a common theme, are themselves further subdivided into the same Five sections:

Section 1, which evaluates listening skills, requires students to answer multiple choice questions with 3 choices.
Section 2, which evaluates listening and writing skills, requires students to transfer spoken text.

Section 3, which evaluates listening skills, requires students to extract information from an audio passage.
Section 4, In which reading skills are evaluated, requires students to express their understanding of the main idea of passing using standard multiple choice questions.
Section 5, which evaluates reading skills, requires students to express key points of the written passage using open-ended questions.

Again, It is stressful that the overall structure of the exam remains consistent, increasing the length and difficulty level for it. for example,While A1 level exams use simple and regular topics related to everyday experiences like shopping,
At a higher level the subject may touch on abstract concepts such as pollution and conservation. In addition, the length of written responses and the time given to complete each section increases with each level


The PTE General exam is offered in May, June, November and December at World overseas immigration Consultants around the world.

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