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The PTE Academic exam is a computer-based English language test accepted by educational institutions around the world. Those students and aspirants who desire to go abroad for studying or immigration to a major English speaking country are required to take the PTE Academic exam to prove their English language competency.

The three-hour-long computer-based test focuses on day to day English rather than high-level English language and tests a student on his/her ability to effectively understand the language as spoken daily. The multi-level grading system ensures a better understanding of the student’s proficiency in the English language.

There are many things that distinguish PTE Academic from its close competitors – IELTS and TOEFL. The first and foremost distinguishing aspect of the same is the scoring pattern and the results. As the tests are completely computerized, the PTE results and scores are declared much quicker, typically in 5 business days. This makes it aptly suited for students who are in a bit of a rush. Candidates looking to appear for their PTE Academic test will learn about the following PTE topics as they read along:

  • Pearson Test of English Eligibility
  • Pearson Test of English Test Dates
  • Pearson Test of English Test Centre
  • How to Register for Pearson Test of English
  • Pearson Test of English Exam Fee
  • Exam Pattern for Pearson Test of English
  • Pearson Test of English Scholarships
  • Pearson Test of English Preparation tips
  • Pearson Test of English Syllabus
  • Pearson Test of English Results and Scores

Why choose us for PTE​

When it comes to meeting your future goals for study or work abroad, choosing The IELTS Classes is the wisest move. Here are some of the benefits of choosing The IELTS Classes:


PTE results are typically available in 5 business days, so no more worry about waiting for your results

Flexible test Dates

Choose the time and place that suits you with test sessions run 360 days a year at over 200 locations worldwide.


Approved for all Australian and New Zealand student visa and migration applications. Also, accepted by thousands of institutions in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland, including universities like Harvard, Yale and INSEAD.

Immigration to Australia

Immigrating to Australia is one of the most desired dreams of every Indian because of its robust economy and best career opportunities in the country.

Easy to Prepare for

A range of PTE books and mock test familiarises students with the exam pattern, making it one of the easiest tests of English to appear for.


No additional fee for sending scores to multiple universities

PTE Exam Pattern

Unlike other English language proficiency tests, PTE Academic consists of a single 3-hour test session which includes three sections: speaking and writing (together), listening and reading. There are twenty different question formats, ranging from multiple choice through to essay writing and interpreting information.

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